Health, Happiness, and Humor in 2015

As we get ready to usher the old year out and receive the new one in, please remember the resolutions that you are about to make don’t necessarily have to be wrapped in negative language like ‘l won’t’ or ‘I’ll stop’ or ‘I’ll lose’.  The word resolution means ‘the act of resolving’, and the word resolve means ‘to come to a definite or earnest decision’. The reason I am giving a wee definition lesson is that nowhere in the words … Read More

‘Tis The Season

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The celebration of the winter holidays have begun…well, actually it feels like it as been going on since before Thanksgiving, and that kinda makes me sad. I get that retailers want to have as many shopping days as possible, but it is unnerving to have Christmas carols playing before the squirrels have finished eating the insides out of my jack o’lantern. What happened to the saying “for every time there is a season”?  We just rush through every celebration with … Read More

Three, Two, One, and I’m Finished

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Today marks a milestone in the life of my business, Mainely HRT. I sewed my last personally-made bag. That isn’t to say I won’t be sewing new designs and mock-ups, but I now have enough to do with the marketing and sales of the VinsKeBags, VesKeTotes, and VesKeBags.  All my bags will now be sewn by wonderful people here in the fine State of Maine. As I started to think about wonderful people that sew, I was swamped with memories of … Read More

Leaf Peepers

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This past week I just missed hitting the back end of a car (twice) because I was too busy taking in the glory of New England, the changing of the leaves. I do recognize that there are many states that are experiencing the changing of the leaves, and I am sure they believe they have the prettiest leaves in the whole world, and I will let them continue to believe that.  However, do the people that come to their state … Read More

The Waiting Game

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Today as I patiently anticipate pace the floor waiting for the new release from one of my favorite authors, I realize that I may be putting a lot of pressure on someone else, even if it is just in a cosmic way. OK, so I really like what she writes, and when I finished her last book I did wonder why the next one wasn’t waiting for me on the shelf at the bookstore. Just so you don’t think I’m … Read More

Home is Where the Food Is

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This summer I had a wonderful opportunity to spend some real quality time with Eldest Child and Ultimate Child. They are amazing young women with generous hearts and brilliant minds, and are both independent and fiercely driven. However, when they visit, the moment they cross the threshold of our house, they make a beeline to the refrigerator to check to see if anything has changed. I might understand this better if they still lived here, but they have their own … Read More

My Bag Box: The Paradox

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I have found myself having the problem that anyone in the retail business prays for:  The day you realize you need to design packaging because it is time to go to the ‘show’, as the baseball players say. Over the past couple weeks it has come to me that the very cute, very recyclable packaging I have been using for my VesKeBags is not durable enough to last on a store shelf, so I am going to have to change … Read More

A Tomato By Any Other Name Is Sauce

If August is “Wild Blueberry Month” then September should be ”Juicy Tomatoes Month” because, my oh my, the farmers market is overflowing with them. As I walked down the park path in the Deering Oaks Park Farmers Market (in the heart of Portland, ME), looking over the market vendors I noticed an abundance of one vegetable, the tomato. Wait, I mean fruit! No I mean vegetable! … Oh well, who really cares if it is a fruit or vegetable, as long … Read More

Back to School

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Many kids have already started back to school; however, today is the official first day back to school for a lot of kids in America and I’ll bet the emotions over this day have run amuck. For all those returning back to school there was probably a bit of wailing and gnashing of teeth. Words like “oh mom do I really have to take the bus, can’t you just take me?” and “just five more minutes?” and “are you really … Read More

Blueberry Muffins

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If you live here, have a cabin camp here, or just visit you know that August is Wild Blueberry month in the state of Maine. I am sure other states grow blueberries, but as a proud Mainer I must say the best blueberries grow in Maine. Now that I have my pride statement out of the way I can get down the real business at hand:  What to do with all those wonderful Maine blueberries. Like many things that grow … Read More

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