Blueberry Muffins

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If you live here, have a cabin camp here, or just visit you know that August is Wild Blueberry month in the state of Maine. I am sure other states grow blueberries, but as a proud Mainer I must say the best blueberries grow in Maine.   Now that I have my pride statement out of the way I can get down the real business at hand:  What to do with all those wonderful Maine blueberries.   Like many things … Read More

Muscle Memory

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Last Saturday while I was working at the Deering Park Farmers Market in Portland, Maine, I had some very nice conversations with visitors. Beyond our mutual enjoyment of the great weather, fun crowd and abundant food for sale, it turns out that a lot of us share a common challenge remembering to incorporate re-usables into our routines. So the discussions Saturday got me to thinking, what do I need to do to remember to put them with my grocery bags … Read More

Mainely HRT Launches!

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Mainely HRT opened its first official day of business on Friday August 1st, 2014 at the First Friday Art Walk in Portland, ME.  I chose to launch at the Art Walk because its air of creativity and imagination reflect the crafting journey of bringing Mainely HRT to life as a business. There is no particular day I can point to where I said, “I want to create natural, reusable produce bags”; I just remember being unhappy with the green plastic … Read More

We’re Launching!

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Come see us today at the First Friday Artwalk in Portland, Maine. The fun starts at 5pm and we are excited to be officially launching the VeskeBags…